The Physics of Ice Skating - Main Page

by Karen Knierman and Jane Rigby

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Ever wondered how ice skating works? Whether you're a first-time flounderer or a triple-axle pro, you've probably wondered what's going on.  The purpose of these pages is to explore the physics of ice skating in a fun, approachable way.

What is the level of these pages? If you know physics, then ice skating provides great examples. But we don't assume you know much physics. We'll explain the physics terms and concepts as we go.


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       This site was created by two Penn State astronomy majors who thought it would be hilarious to get honors credit for gym class. After all, they kept thinking about the physics during skating class, anyway.  Thanks to the secretaries of the Honors College for their undoubtably incredulous cries of, "They want to honors option ice skating?!"  Ditto for our friends, our instructor and advisor... and to the letter E.

Ice skating instructor:  Dena Yeagley
Physics advisor:  Jim Beatty
Students:   Karen Knierman and Jane Rigby

Last updated  May 2003